Getting Personal

When reading other peoples blogs, I love to be able to get to know that people behind them, so I thought I’d write a little random fact page about myself so you can get to know me as a person a bit better rather than the person who types these words you’re reading!

So without further ado, let’s go…..

  1. At the time I am writing this I am 19 years of age. I was born September 14th 1996.
  2. My middle name is Ann, I’ve never liked it but I’m named after my Nan who I love very much, so at least that’s one positive point to it!
  3. I’m from a place called Kent, and I’ve lived there my entire life so far.
  4. I have no brothers or sisters, but I do have cousins who I’m close to.
  5. I am obsessed with reality television, Geordie Shore, Love Island, Ex on the Beach, Big Brother, you name it, and I’ve watched it.
  6. I don’t currently have any tattoos but I am planning on getting some done in the future, however I have the lowest pain threshold ever, so that should be interesting
  7. I eat so much junk food it is unreal, I’m lucky to have quite a high metabolism! I can eat healthy when my mum cooks for me. However if I’ve cooked there’s almost definitely some kind on cheese in it or on it!
  8. When I was younger my life revolved around dancing. I used to do Ballet, Tap, Modern, Street, Disco and Ballroom and Latin.
  9. I also used to Ice Skate!
  10. My favourite food has to be fajitas or any other type of Mexican food, it’s just all so delicious!
  11. I’m not a big drinker, I only really drink on special occasions, however I fear that may change once I begin University…
  12. I’ve played netball for 10 years now, however I’ve recently had to stop because of a knee injury. I hope to get straight back into it once it’s all better though!
  13. I am so not a morning person.
  14. My ideal evening is sitting in front of the TV with a takeaway watching Pretty Little Liars.
  15. I have been with my boyfriend Connor for nearly 2 years now, we met whilst at sixth form together.
  16. I love driving! I think it stems from having to get on a packed, smelly bus to and from school for about 6 years. As soon as I turned 17 I had to learn how to drive!
  17. For my A-Levels I took Media Studies, English Literature & Language and ICT and received ABC, which I was over the moon about, as I was terrible at ICT and didn’t even think I’d scrap an E!
  18. From September 2016 I will be a student at Canterbury Christ Church University studying Media and Communications.
  19. I love Coca-Cola, it is the greatest drink ever made!
  20. I can’t go out without a watch on. I feel lost without it. I have two from Olivia Burton and I absolutely love them.
  21. I have been to Ibiza 8 times. Other places I have travelled include, Ireland, Florida, Corfu, Dubai and Tenerife.
  22. I’d love to travel a lot more, especially Europe and Australia. Just need to get over the fear of flying first!
  23. I love makeup, and I especially love watching makeup tutorials and beauty gurus on YouTube. My favourites include Tanya Burr, NikkieTutorials, Zoella and Shaaanxo.
  24. I am so lazy when it comes to getting my nails and hair done, plus I don’t always have the time and money.
  25. I am always singing! I’m tone deaf, but oh well I enjoy it!

Hope you enjoyed reading these little random facts about me. See you in my next blog post!

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Daisy xo


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