2 Weeks in Paradise | Dubai

This time last year I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to travel to Dubai with my boyfriend and his family, which I was so so so excited about because Dubai is one of the places that I have always wanted to go. I was a bit nervous when the day came as I absolutely hate flying, so a 7 hour plane journey did not sound too pleasing to me! However the plane was amazing, we flew with Emirates, so everything was very comforting and luxurious which calmed me down a lot! I even managed to watch a couple of films as well as sleep for a few hours, so overall the flight wasn’t too bad even though I did throw up whilst landing, but we can forget about that!

We stayed in the Zabeel Saray hotel which was on The Palm there, and it was one of the most beautiful hotels that I have ever stayed in and the view from our room was just as incredible as the room itself! Within the hotel there was also a spa, seven restaurants and a few shops. The hotel was also part of the Jumeirah chain which meant that we could go to the other hotels that were a part of that chain across Dubai and use their restaurants.

I would give you a day to day blog of what happened on my trip there, however a lot of the days were spent lounging around the pool and eating, which would be quite boring to write about, so I thought I’d write about the places we went to and sites we saw instead.

One of the most exciting parts to the trip for me was visiting the Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest building in the world standing at 829.8 m and 160 stories high! We didn’t go right to the top, but we did go to Level 124 which was high enough. With floor to ceiling windows you got the most amazing view of Dubai, just don’t look down! It was such a breathtaking experience being up there, and something that I will never forget. The Burj was also attached to the Dubai Mall, which is a giant shopping center (something I’m also very interested in). Within the Mall there is a huge waterfall and an even bigger aquarium filled with fish! Very random for a shopping center but also extremely beautiful to look at. All this as well as hundreds of shops (in which most I wanted to go in, but just didn’t have the time) and lovely restaurants to dine in once we were tired out from all the shopping. Of a night time, outside of the Mall is a water fountain display with lights and music which is truly magical to watch. The Burj Khalifa sits behind this and lights up in time which the fountains and music which is definitely a sight that I won’t forget anytime soon.

As well as the Dubai Mall, there is another shopping center there called Mall of the Emirates. This is very similar to the Dubai Mall, however there is an indoor ski slope within this one! Made me think that Bluewater and Lakeside need to step their game up! We didn’t go on the ski slope, but we were able to watch the people from the inside. Managed to do a bit of shopping in Forever 21 and River Island while we were there (because I’m really cultural and it’s not like I could do any of this at home haha!) and also stopped for some nice food.

The only other shopping that we did whilst we were out there was handbag shopping, which I don’t think the boys were too impressed with! We went to the Kamara market to have a look round at all the genuine fake handbags which ranged from Michael Kors to Victoria Beckham and everything in between. I have always dreamed of having a Mulberry Lily but have never been able to afford the real thing, so I had my eye out for one of them. Eventually I found the perfect one, which then meant haggling for a decent price. This wasn’t my strongest asset, so I left it down to my boyfriend’s dad, and eventually we got to a price which I was willing to pay. And now I can walk around with my dream bag (just don’t tell anyone it’s a fake!).

You can’t go on holiday without going to some sort of waterpark, so that is exactly what we did. We went along to Wild Wadi which is a waterpark attached to the side of another Jumeirah hotel. There was lots of rides to go on as well as lots of places to lie down and relax. One of the best rides there was called the Jumeirah Sceirah, which was an almost vertical drop slide. I was nervous but also really excited for this one. You walk up to the top and then step into a tube where the door closes around you, and after a countdown the floor vanishes from beneath you and you fall so fast down this slide, and before you know it you’re at the bottom. This one is definitely for the daredevils! However if that doesn’t sound much like your cup of tea, then there are much less scary rides that you can go down in groups on a huge rubber float. There’s even a lazy river for those who just want to relax.

Now if you’ve seen pictures of Dubai you’ve probably seen a huge building in the shape of a sail. This is the Burj Al Arab, one of the most expensive hotels in the entire world to stay in. It’s set on its own island and can be seen from most of Dubai. I was fortunate enough to be able to go inside for afternoon tea and a little look around. Everything inside is very posh and designed to a T. Everywhere you looked you were impacted by the unbelievably huge architecture. From the moment you walk in you are greeted with a huge waterfall, fountains and an aquarium which ran alongside the escalators. It got even more dramatic as you looked upward into what looked like multiple sails. Everything was so extravagant and extremely overwhelming, from the expensive cars parked outside to the gold plated LITERALLY EVERYTHING inside!

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All in all, I had the most AMAZING time in Dubai and I can’t thank my boyfriend and his family enough for letting me come along on their trip. I really hope to go back one day soon and see more of what Dubai has to offer. Thanks for reading!

Daisy xo


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