Never in a million years did I think I’d ever be able to rough it for a whole weekend at a festival – But here I am to tell the tale of one of the greatest weekends of my life!

I have been camping before, but when we go, we do glamping, in a huge tent on an electric pitch with a fridge, television, big comfy air beds, showers, proper toilets and lots of space! So camping at a festival was a whole new experience of camping for me! And with wellies and baby wipes instead of my usual sandals and showers, its safe to safe I was a little anxious when heading to Hylands Park for the weekend!

Myself and two friends, Chloe & Milli, woke up super early Friday morning to pack the car and get there early enough to try to beat the traffic and get a good camping spot, but also to arrive and put the tent up before the forecasted rain came down on us! The car was full to the brim all of our bags so we were very sceptical to how we was meant to carry everything from the car to the campsite with just a little Aldi trolley to help us out. But ‘Hey Ho’ off down the A12 we went to Chelmsford.

We thankfully missed the majority of  the traffic and followed the signs to Yellow Camping where we parked up and unpacked the car. We loaded up the trolley and ourselves with all our gear and headed off to the campsite. Luckily it hadn’t started to rain at this point, but the walk still wasn’t an easy one. We had to re-pack the trolley twice along the way due to the uneven grass making everything fall off and also stop because our arms and backs ached so much from the weight of all our bags. But we eventually got the campsite alive and dry and found a spot to pitch our tent. Luckily we got there early and managed to get a good spot, not too far from the arena, a short walk to the toilets and close to the food stalls!

The sky started to grey so we knew we had to put the tent up quick and get everything inside before the heavens opened, which we managed… Or so we thought. The tent was all set up and we were chilling inside and then the dreaded rain came down, and it came down hard. So much that the porch part of our tent (which had a lot of our stuff in) began to leak! So myself and Chloe put on our wellies and raincoats and braved the rain to fix the problem with our tent and attempt to get rid of the puddles which eventually we did, before drying off back inside the dry part of the tent. The rain did eventually ease off, so we decided to head off to the arena to have a look around and see what we could find.

We spent the Friday evening eating burgers and hotdogs and dancing to DJ’s such as Annie Mac, Mistajam, Danny Howard and DJ EZ at the Radio 1 Stage. The atmosphere was amazing and thankfully the rain held off for the rest of the night. After the DJ set we headed to the Dance Arena where there was a silent disco on. I’d been to one before but this one was something else! The music they played was soooo good and everyone was having such an amazing time. But then we all suddenly hit a wall and became super tired, so headed off back to the tent to get a few hours sleep before all the music on Saturday!

The weather forecast for Saturday did not look too pleasing with rain on and off all day, but we were too excited to care, so got dressed, did our hair and makeup, packed our raincoats in our bumbags and headed out! My friend Ella came down for the day so we met up with her just before watching our first performers of the day – DNCE! I’m not afraid to admit that I was a huge Jonas Brothers fan when I was younger so I was so excited to see Joe Jonas perform live, and he did not disappoint! Other people we saw were Mike Poser, James Morrison, MNEK, Stormzy (who was one of the best acts of the whole weekend, even if we did nearly get caught in a mosh pit and see someone get naked – yep that actually happened), Jess Glynne and Bastille (who were also incredible, and even performed some new songs, so I can’t wait for them to be released). The only and part to the day was that food and drink were so over priced it was ridiculous, and not even that tasty, so I definitely ended up living on chicken burgers and cheesy chips for the whole weekend, but oh well it was just a couple of days. Back to the healthier eating when I’m back home!

As it started to get dark, the rain started to come down again, just in time for the two headline acts, Sia and Justin Bieber. Luckily it wasn’t heavy rain, so I didn’t mind standing in it for a few hours. These were the two acts I was most excited to see, but I’ll be truthful and say that both of the acts weren’t what I hoped they would be. Sia came out late, due to issues with the wind blowing her wig, but when she performed her voice was amazing and Maddie Ziegler (the young dancer in her videos) was just as good! However we stood in the crowd with the wrong people, who didn’t care about seeing Sia, so were shouting loudly to their friends meaning we could hear her properly and just saying how bad she was purely because they didn’t like her music. And to top it off they were tall and standing in front of us which meant we couldn’t see the stage properly either. I think we were just unlucky which is a shame as I was really looking forward to seeing her perform, but couldn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted to. Then after Sia, Justin Bieber came on, who I was super excited for, as I’ve been a fan for years, ever since One Time was released! There was a lot of bad press about Justin’s performance as he did mime for most of his songs and he was hungover and not as upbeat as he usually is. However I wasn’t to bothered as I was just excited to see him live and dance to the music which is what I got to do. I’m seeing him again in November anyway, so hopefully he might be a bit more into his performance then.

But overall Saturday was a great day, so we were very excited to see what Sunday had to offer!

We woke up on Sunday and the sky was blue and the sun was shining for the first time! We got ready and headed out to the arena, for our last full day at V Festival. Today was finally time for the french plaits to come out to hide the greasiness of my hair from not washing it for 3 days! We also decided that since it was our last day we would go all out with the festival vibes and cover our faces with glitter! Everyone we had seen looked so good, so we had to jump on the trend!

The performers we saw on Sunday were Lethal Bizzle, Sigala, Mistajam (who we saw on the Friday but was so good that we had to see his set again!), Example, Little Mix (who are my absolute faves, and this was the first time I’d ever got the oppertunity to see them live, and they did not disappoint!) and Sigma. We even got a chance to go on the fair ground rides!

Sidenote: We also bumped into Pete and Megan from The Only Way Is Essex, and I completely embarrassed myself in front of Pete, but thats a whole other story! I’m so gutted I didn’t get a picture, but Megan was on the phone and looked like she was in a rush to get somewhere else.

Then it was time for Rihanna!!! Unfortunately it started to rain just before she came on, but the atmosphere was so amazing that no one cared. She came out 30 minutes late, and did get booed, but as soon as she stepped on stage those boos turned to cheers as it was Rihanna, and she looked and sounded stunning! Her whole set was incredible and she was flawless the entire time. Every song she sang was such a tune, and we really didn’t want her set to end! She was 110% the best performer of the whole weekend, and I am definitely 10X the Rihanna fan now than I was before I saw her live!

After that it was time to head back to the tent for our last night before packing everything up in the morning and heading back home… ON A 4 HOUR JOURNEY!!!! I hate traffic! But all in all I had the most amazing weekend a V Festival, but could not wait to get back home and have a proper wash in the shower and sleep on a comfy mattress and not a mat on a hard floor!

Daisy xo





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