6 Month PUPdate

I can’t believe that my tiny little puppy Harley is now sixth months old! Time is flying so quickly, last time I did an update was back in July when we had only had him a few weeks. It has now been 4 months, which doesn’t seem like a long time, but a lot has happened! He’s got quite a lot bigger, weighing a whole 9.3kg now, and has the longest legs I’ve ever seen on a puppy!

Harley celebrated his half birthday on Saturday 7th October, and sadly we couldn’t be with him as we were away with family for my Nan & Grandad’s Golden Wedding Anniversary. But he had a lovely time celebrating in the kennels with all of his doggy friends!

In the last blog post, Harley was half way through his puppy training classes, he’s now completed all of them passing with flying colours! He knows all the basic commands now and we’re beginning to teach him a few tricks, such as, giving paw, high 5, weaving through my legs and we are currently in the process of learning roll over. He is also fully toilet trained now, and has finally learnt how to cock his leg when having a wee, so now he wees like a boy! Hooray!

He still has a thing for shoes and feet, so we now have to hide our shoes as soon as we take them off, because he will sniff them out, and he will chew them! He also still has the occasional ‘bichon blitz’ moment, but has calmed down a lot now he’s a bit older. Although  he still goes mad when anyone walks through the front door.

Although Harley has a lot of good days, there are still bad ones. Since the last blog post, Harley has gone from eating anything and everything in sight to turning his nose up at his dinner and not eating anything at all. What he really wants to eat is proper raw meat and not the puppy food designed for him will all the right nutrients for him at his age. But with all dogs if he’s hungry he will eat, he wont ever starve himself. Another issue we occasionally have is sleeping at night. He is still crate trained but he has started to become extremely rebellious with it and refusing to go in, and then crying and jumping up at the crate all night when he does go in it. But hopefully we will get passed this phase and he will learn to love his bed again. We don’t put him in the crate at any other time of the day now, as he has the run of the downstairs of the house if we go out.

Harley has experienced a few new things since the last post. He has stayed in the kennels for a couple of nights whilst we were away. They said that he really enjoyed himself and even made himself a new friend to play with; a beagle named Copper! He also had his first groom, which felt like a long time overdue, he became so fluffy that parts of his fur ended up matted together, no matter how often we brushed him! He is still fluffy (and still cute), just with much more manageable fur now. Plus its made him look so much smaller!

Overall Harley is doing really well, and we are still all so happy having him in our lives. Hopefully I will be able to do another one of these when he reaches his next milestone of 1 year old! See you soon! Woof! Woof!


Someone had a bit of fun whilst we were out!
“I don’t know who chewed bears ears off, but it wasn’t me!”
Such a cutie!
Clearly doesn’t like his greens!
Someone’s a sleepy puppy!
Making friends with Sydney the Cavapoo!

Daisy xo (& Harley xo)



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  1. linda
    October 17, 2016 / 7:19 am

    This is lovely. the pic of the paper!!! omg Morgan said what if it was important..
    Was great to see you Harley on our 6th month meet and you met your brothers and sisters and even have a niece x

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