Justin Bieber | Purpose Tour

Last week I went to Justin Bieber’s Purpose Tour at the London O2 Arena, and it was such an amazing night! This was the fifth time that I have seen him live, I went to his two previous tours, My World and Believe, and have also seen him at Capital FM’s Summertime Ball and V Festival. The past two times I’ve seen him he hasn’t been too great. At his Believe tour he went off stage half way through as he was ill, and then at V Festival he was hungover, didn’t really dance and mimed. So to be honest, he didn’t have much to live up to. But…… He was actually really good this time!

We got to the O2 and headed straight to the Priority Lounge. I’d never been in there before as normally we just go straight to our seats to watch the support acts. The Lounge was beautiful and all white with big comfy chairs and sparkly lights. We grabbed a couple of drinks from the bar, and Ella & Lindsey made some posters and got their faces painted whilst we were in there. Then we bumped into Binky from Made In Chelsea, however she really didn’t want to be noticed or stop for pictures, she ran straight past us with her head down into the toilets. After that we went to find our seats. We knew we were in Level 4, so we wouldn’t have had the greatest seats in the world, however, we didn’t realise we were the BACK ROW of Level 4!!! But nethertheless we headed up the stairs to find our seats. In reality we could have had worse seats, luckily we were round the side of the stage so not too far away.

He came out to Mark My Words which is one of my favourite songs off of the Purpose album, and everyone went crazyyyyyyy! He sang all the great songs from Purpose including some of my other faves like The Feeling, I’ll Show You and Company. He also threw it back with some older ones like As Long As You Love me and Boyfriend.

Some of the highlights of the show was when he brought down a huge trampoline above the audience where all the dancers as well as him were jumping around to the music. Wouldn’t have been two great if you were in a seat below the trampoline and wouldn’t have been able to see anything. Another really cute moment was when he sung Children and all of the little kids came out and danced, they may have been young but they were so good (and so cute!). Although I have to say the ending of the show was definitely the best part of the entire show. The last four songs that he sang were What Do You Mean, Baby, Purpose and then back on for the encore with Sorry. The atmosphere was incredible at this point everyone was up on their feet dancing and singing, even us up in the Gods of the O2! During Sorry hundreds of gallons of water came down on the stage to create an incredible performance too!

Overall Justin Bieber was amazing, and even though we didn’t have the best seats, I’m so grateful that I got to see him perform live again! Can’t wait for the next tour!

Daisy xo


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