Kylie Cosmetics Review Part II

Since my last Kylie Cosmetics blog post (which you can check out here!) I’ve collect a few more products from the collection. In the last post I reviewed my four lip kits; Dolce K, Kourt K, Koko K & Mary Jo K. I now own two more lip kits in the shades Posie K and Kristen, which was one of the summer shades, The Koko Kollection, which consists of three matte liquid lipsticks and one gloss, and I also have one of her eyeshadow palettes, The Burgundy Palette.

In this post I’m going to talk about my two latest additions to the collection, The Koko Kollection and The Burgundy Palette. The Koko Kollection was originally limited edition and I couldn’t get my hands on one as they sold out so so quickly! However she brought it back for one more restock, and thankfully I managed to get one.

They also had a deal on where if you purchased The Burgundy Palette as well as the Koko Kollection you got it for cheaper and also got free international shipping so I couldn’t resist! The two together worked out quite pricey as it totalled at around $80 (about £65), but when you put that into perspective, three full size lipsticks and one gloss, plus an eyeshadow palette for £65 isn’t that expensive. However I will be taking a break for a bit before I decided to buy anything else, haha!

I’ve had to wait a really long time for some of my previous orders to arrive, up to three weeks sometimes, even though the website states 10-15 days. However this package arrived really quickly, I think it took about 9 days in total, so I was really impressed this time.

Now onto the actual products!

The Koko Kollection

In the box there are three lipsticks and one gloss. The three lipstick shades are GORG, which is a purple/burgundy colour, OKUUR, which is a really bright pink, and KHLO$, which is a orangey nude. The gloss is called DAMN GINA, which is a shimmery nude. Unfortunatly the Koko Kollection is no longer available so I can’t leave a link to it, but you never know, she may restock again one day!


This was the one colour out of the collection that I wasn’t too sure about as its not a colour that I would usually wear. I’m not going to lie, my prediction was right, I’m not overly keen on it at all, not because of the colour, but because of how patchy it was. I’m really disappointed with the formula as I haven’t really had this issue with any of the other lip kits. However once the colour was finally on, it didn’t look too bad. I haven’t worn this out properly yet so I’m not sure on how it will go overtime, but taking it off after about 10 minutes was difficult enough! Overall I give this shade a 4/10.

(Also wearing my Kylie ‘Like, Realizing Stuff’ Tee – Am I obsessed? I think so…)


I absolutely love the name of this shade, but before I tried it out, I was a little sceptical about the colour. Because I’m so pale, some nude lipsticks tend to look really orangey on me, which I why I was a bit worried. However I actually really like this shade on me. It’s the perfect everyday shade or a shade to wear if you are wearing really bold eyeshadow, as its subtle but still noticeable. The formula seemed to be exactly the same of the other Kylie lipsticks I have, as it went on smoothly, and not much product was needed to completely fill my lips. Overall I give this shade a 8/10.


This was the colour that I was most excited about! I absolutely love bright colours such as reds and pinks, so was really excited to try this one out. The formula felt so much different to GORG as it went on so much smoother and wasn’t patchy at all, which was great. The colour was so pigmented and you only really need one layer for it to look great. I absolutely love this shade, and know for a fact that I will be wearing it constantly throughout Summer. Overall I give this shade 9/10.


I’ve never tried a gloss before, so I was very excited to give this one a go! I have read a few reviews and there are a fair few people who don’t really like the glosses, mainly because of the applicator, but I read that they have changed it, and there doesn’t seem to be a problem with mine which is good. I do really like the gloss colour, however I’m not a great lover of lip gloss in general  as I don’t like the stickiness of it, and I don’t think it suits me as much as matte lipstick. I tried the gloss over KHLO$ and it looked absolutely gorgeous, so maybe I’ll have to be brave and start wearing it a bit more. Overall I give this gloss 7/10.

The Burgundy Palette 

I am an eyeshadow hoarder, (as seen in another blog post of mine which you can check out here!), so when I saw that Kylie had brought out this palette I just had to try it!

It comes with the following shades:

  • Naked (satin finish golden sand)
  • Beach (matte finish light warm brown)
  • Penny (matte finish red orange)
  • LA (metallic finish true copper)
  • Burgundy (matte finish bright red burgundy)
  • Dubai (metallic finish burgundy)
  • Brick (matte finish dirty brick)
  • NY (metallic finish warm bronze)
  • Almond (matte finish deep red brown)

Every single shade in this palette is BEAUTIFUL, but my favourites are Penny, Burgundy, Dubai and Brick. Although there are only nine shadows in the palette, I have already managed to create so many different looks with this, from an everyday look, to a mega glam look. The shadows also have a medium buildable coverage and a velvety smooth texture. Since the shadows are quite pigmented, I only need a little bit on the brush to go a long way, which I’m glad about, as hopefully that means that the palette will last me a long time.

I also love the fact that the palette is so compact and slides into my makeup bag so easily. It also has a magnetic clasp on it so you don’t have to worry about the lid opening and the shadows getting damaged. The only thing that I don’t like about it is that there isn’t a mirror, when theres definitely space for one! However it doesn’t bother me too much, as I’ve always got another mirror somewhere in my makeup bag. Overall I really love this palette and would put it up there as being one of my favourites, I would rate it 8/10.

You can get the eyeshadow palette for yourself here!

Im sure this won’t be the last Kylie Cosmetics Review that you see from me, as no doubt she’ll bring out more products that I won’t be able to resist. I’ve already got my eye on The Royal Peach Palette, haha!

Daisy  xo




  1. February 26, 2017 / 3:04 pm

    That eyeshadow palette looks right up my street and I’ve tried to get it but it was sold out 🙁 x

  2. February 26, 2017 / 5:19 pm

    This looks gorgeous, I wish I could order again but last time I ordered I got hit with about £18 of customs!! Just some constructive criticism, I absolutely love the post but maybe try not to use a filter on your photos as it’s hard to see the true colour. Other than that, i love this post!!

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