First Year University Experience!

Hello, it’s been a while since I’ve been here… a whole four months to be exact! I had a bit of busy spell after my last blog post with lots of university deadlines so stopped blogging for a while, and then after that I had little writers block. Well actually quite a big writers block! And so DaisyMacxo came to a bit of a halt. But now that Love Island has ended, and I have a lot more spare time, I’m back and actually want to try really hard with this whole blogging thing!

Recently I received the results for my first year of university, and I’m so pleased to say that I got a 1st!!!! Unfortunately this doesn’t contribute at all to my final uni grade which I’m quite gutted about, but at the same time it gives me hope that I can do well in the next two years if I work just as hard!

So university… that was an experience! I learnt a lot, not just academically, but about life, about people, and most importantly about myself!

During the first few weeks of uni, I found it difficult to settle in, especially as I was still living at home and commuting everyday. I thought that it would be difficult to make friends as I didn’t have any flatmates, and I also found it really hard to get back into actual work seeing as I had taken the previous year as a gap year. It caused a lot of anxiety and a few minor panic attacks but I knew that I had to keep pushing myself through all the rubbish thoughts and keep trying otherwise I knew I would regret not going.

But I did settle in, and once I did, I met some amazing people on my course that will become my friends for life! (Shoutout to Luisa, Phoebe, Amber & Michelle!) Without these girls uni would have been nowhere near as fun and exciting as it was! After a couple of weeks I began to get more used to the workload and started to really enjoy what I was studying. Some modules were better than others… Practical work is much better than theory, which is weird as during sixth form I always preferred the theory work over the practical. Some lecturers are much better than other, those on my course will know who I mean! I have found new interests and new ideas of what I would like to do once I have finished my degree (although the dreams of working as a social media manager are still up there).

Here is a quick summary of everything I have learnt during my first year as a university student…

  1. They say the jump from GCSE’s to A’Levels is big… That was more like a hop compared to this leap!
  2. There are A LOT of PowerPoints involved during lectures, and it is the worst thing in the world when your lecturer moves onto the next slide before you finish writing your notes.
  3. Being organised is the best thing you can do! I used separate folders to put all my notes in from different modules’ and also always tried to catch up on notes from any lectures that I missed.
  4. I didn’t eat as much pasta as I thought I would…
  5. Parking is SO expensive! Literally EVERYWHERE!
  6. Extra-curriculars actually require commitment. I thought about joining teams and societies but I just could not be committed enough.
  7. Going to university with someone I was already good friends with from home really helped me out a lot!
  8. 9am lectures are the worst.
  9. You will love some lecturers much more than others.
  10. Group projects are the stress of all stress, but when you finish it, it is the best feeling in the world!
  11. Get your assignments done early rather than at the last minute, it is so much less stressful! (That’s aimed at you Connor!)
  12. It was always cold in lectures, always!
  13. It’s always a good night on a Wednesday at Chem!
  14. I realised that I have a seriously issue in that I cannot rely on other people! Not because they can’t or don’t do the work, I’m just weirdly obsessive over things!
  15. Post-Night-Out McDonalds or chips and burger sauce are the one.
  16. Echo Fruit White Peach and Mango is a must at pre-drinks.
  17. I did not take out a single book from the library, thank you Google Scholar!
  18. I have been at CCCU for a year and still haven’t been inside the Cathedral…
  19. Entrepreneurs will use you as free labour and then steal your ideas 🙂
  20. Join The #EVOLUTION💋

Here’s to second year being just as fun and exciting at the first!

Daisy xo

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  1. August 6, 2017 / 6:57 pm

    Ah I just finished my degree at Christ Church! I loved my time there, so hopefully you’ll continue to enjoy your last couple of years

    Emily x |

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