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I’ve just returned from my amazing holiday in Javea, Spain, and now counting down the days until I fly to Dubai, so I’m in full holiday mode, and already looking to book my next one! So whilst browsing all the holiday websites, I thought I’d put together a little post on all the places that I would love to to visit around the world!


maldives 1

I feel like this place is EVERYBODY’s travel goals! But are you surprised? Because I certainly am not! Look at how beautiful it looks, the most amazing blue skies and clear water, this is one place I do not want to miss out on! I recently watched a YouTube video from Flying The Nest where they stayed in the most amazing luxurious Overwater Bungalow, and it just made me want to save up even more to go. For me, the Maldives looks like the definition of paradise.



Up until a couple of months ago, Thailand would have never been somewhere that I thought I’d love to visit, because I never realised quite how incredible it really is. A few of my friends have visited there recently and I have been in awe of how much fun they have had and the amazing things that they have experienced out there, such as visiting the Grand Palace in Bangkok, trekking through the jungle and sailing between tropical islands.  I also really want to go to a full moon party in Koh Phanghan! They look like so much fun!



Mykonos always looks extremely picturesque with all of its white buildings with bold blue doors attached to the front of them, and balconies filled with bright and colour flowers. Its winding streets are filled with small boutique restaurants and shops, which I wouldn’t mind getting lost in! And when I’m tired of shopping I can relax on the beautiful beaches. Mykonos is definitely up there with one of my must see places (and not just because I’m a sucker for Greek food).



This is my idea of a perfect long weekend city break. There is so much to do in this small city and I’d love to experience all of it. You can cruise the canals, stroll through Vondelpark or take a bike ride through the city for the day. There is so much culture to experience by visiting the Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum and Anne Frank House. When you get tired you can always stop off at a cafe or eat some Poffertjes or Patatje Oorlog. Amsterdam is a must!



Croatia has suddenly popped up on a lot of peoples travel bucket lists, and its not hard to understand why with it’s beautiful weather, stunning beaches, breathtaking towns and there is so much to see and do! Dubrovnic is a must as it is literally like stepping back in time into a medieval land, which sounds really intriguing!


iceland 1

Considering I am someone who absolutely adores the sun and relaxing on beaches in a bikini, going to Iceland seems a bit out there for me! But I would absolutely love to try and catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights and see the waterfalls and geysers on a tour of the Golden Circle. I feel like this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and something that you just can’t miss out on! Another reason to visit Iceland would be to enjoy a luxurious soak in the Blue Lagoon, because who wouldn’t want to lay in a completely natural hot tub!



The vibrant art scene, the charming laid-back atmosphere, make Australia seem like such a wonderful, welcoming country. The top spots I would love to visit are Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef, and the Sydney Opera House. There are so many other places in Australia to visit, such as, Melbourne, Perth, Darwin, Adelaide, the picturesque Hobart, Canberra, Cairns, Gold Coast, and Alice Springs. You could spend so much time here travelling around, I can’t imagine how amazing it would be!

There are sooooooo many more places that I could add to this list, but these are my favourite ones at the moment. Think I’m going to have to start working a few more shifts at work and saving a bit more money if I’m going to complete the list!

Which places are on your travel bucket list? Let me know!

Daisy xo

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