Four Days In Dubai | Travel Diary

I feel extremely lucky to have had the chance to spend my 21st birthday in Dubai! As if I haven’t posted about it enough, I thought that I’d put it in a blog post too! I travelled to Dubai two years ago for a holiday with my boyfriend and his family, and fell in love with it, so I could not wait to go back! This time however, we stayed in the Atlantis Hotel, which is situated on The Palm. I had always seen this hotel in pictures and thought it looked magical, and when we drove past it on my last visit it looked even more mesmerising, and made me want to stay there even more!

Day One,

Wednesday. We arrived in the morning after an overnight flight from London, very jet lagged may I add! It’s only a three hour time difference between here and there, but after a 7 hour flight of not a lot of sleep, you definitely feel it! Our room wasn’t going to be ready until later in the afternoon, so we used the time to go to a welcome meeting and explore the hotel!

The hotel is absolutely huge! 19 floors, 2 pools, over 20 restaurants, countless bars, the biggest aquarium in the world and its own waterpark! It was also during this time that I remembered how hot it is out there. Coming into their winter and its still around 40-42 degrees every day! Luckily everywhere inside is air conditioned, so it wasn’t too bad. Once our room was ready we went up, unpacked, (had a little nap) and then got ready for go for dinner. Our room was on the seventh floor so we had amazing views out of the window, and when it wasn’t too misty you could see for miles!

That evening we had dinner at a Lebanese restaurant called Ayamna, which was absolutely amazing! I’ve never had Lebanese cuisine before, so I was quite excited to try it! There was a huge choice of starters and mains, both hot and cold. There was even a DJ and belly dancer for the evening entertainment. I can quite comfortably say that we left there completely full!

Day Two,

Thursday. The day of my actual birthday. I finally turned 21, which meant that I was legally allowed to drink in the place I was in! I definitely would be taking advantage of that in the evening! I woke up to a lovely breakfast in the room, before opening my cards and presents. Had a few tears of joy after finding out that Connor would be taking me to Disneyland Paris next year, and getting my dream watch from my parents! After that we all got ready for an exciting day ahead.

We were picked up from our hotel to go to the Burj Al Arab, which is a hotel designed in the shape of the sail of a ship. On our way there we stopped at Dubai Marina, where we got to witness the worlds tallest twisted building, and see some pretty breathtaking views (and get some lovely photos in the process). Driving up to the Burj Al Arab is overwhelming. The whole building is breathtaking, and even more so when you walk inside. As you walk in you see a huge fountain and an even bigger aquarium going up either side of the escalators. Once you get to the top theres another water feature, which shoots water so high into the air, its amazing to watch! We went for afternoon tea on the first floor, which had amazing views of the beach and sea out the window. Afternoon tea consisted of seven different courses, ranging from obscure sandwiches to huge scones to delicious cakes and everything in between!

After our tea we took a trip to the Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest building in the world, over 800m high! We took the lift up to the 124th floor, which only took 60 seconds, so it was extremely quick and did make my ears pop a bit! I came up the Burj Khalifa on my last visit to Dubai, however it was a bit misty then, and luckily this time it was a lot clearer out so you could see a lot further. The views are absolutely stunning up here, if you ever go to Dubai make sure this is on your list of things to do! When we came back down we went outside to watch the fountain show, which is a beautiful display of water, lights and music, it is incredible to watch.

For dinner we went back to Atlantis and went to an Italian restaurant called Ronda Locatelli which was Celebrity Chef’s Giorgio Locatelli (not that we needed anymore food that day). It was delicious! Proper Italian food, amazing pastas and the pizza’s were to die for! And because it was my birthday they were kind enough to bring over a cake with a candle in and sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to me! After dinner we went to NOBU, where I finally had my first legal drink in Dubai! When we went back up to the room, there was another cake and card from the hotel, and a message for me on the television, which was so lovely of them.

I definitely had the most amazing 21st birthday I could ever imagine!

Day Three,

Friday. On this day we decided to take full advantage of the having free entry to the hotels own waterpark! I liked the fact that you could get a golf buggy take you all the way to your sun bed in the waterpark so you didn’t have to walk in the heat! We went into Neptune’s Retreat which was a little private section in the waterpark, which was lovely as you didn’t even have to leave your bed if you wanted something to eat or drink. There was a 2km long lazy river round the water park, which mum even got lost on at one point because it was so huge! (Eventually we found her again!). All the slides were really exciting, and it was quite quiet on the day we went so we didn’t have to queue for anything! Dad and I even went on a slide called Poseidon’s Revenge which is where you stand in a tube and then the floor literally drops beneath you! It was absolutely terrifying but really fun at the same time!

We went to a steak restaurant called Seafire Steakhouse for our dinner that night. I honestly had one of the best meals of my entire life in that restaurant! The calamari was insanely good and the steak was the best steak I have ever eaten! It literally melted in your mouth. Then to top it off we were given every dessert on the menu because they knew that it was my birthday the day before, which was so lovely of them. The staff were just as amazing as the food too!

Day Four,

Saturday. This was our last day, so we decided to have a bit of a chill out day. We got up, went for breakfast and then went straight down to the pool, for a bit of a swim and a relax on the sun beds seeing as we hadn’t actually had a chance to do this yet! I say we relaxed on the sun beds, we actually spent most of the time in the pool, as it was way too hot to sit out in the sun for more than ten minutes without needed a drink or some ice!

In the afternoon we decided to do a little bit of shopping, so we headed to the Mall of the Emirates, which is a humongous shopping centre that has its own indoor ski slope inside! Got a few bits and pieces (eyed up a lovely handbag that I may just have to get now I’m back in the UK), and also got a couple of souvenirs to take home before heading back to the hotel to pack and get ready for dinner.

For our last meal of the holiday we decided to go to a Chinese restaurant called Yuan. I love Chinese food and this place did not disappoint! We had all the traditional appetisers, followed by aromatic duck and then our mains! We had so much food, and just could not finish it all, which was such a shame as it was so tasty. Definitely the best way to end our little getaway!

So there you have it, my not so brief travel diary. Hope you enjoyed reading! I’m sorry that it was so long, I had so many amazing memories there, it was really hard to cut it all down!

Daisy xo

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  1. October 5, 2017 / 12:19 am

    Such gorgeous pictures! 😀

  2. November 14, 2017 / 5:25 am

    I love your photos. I’ve flown through Dubai a lot, but never actually gone out of the airport! Next time I might make the time to leave the airport!

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