Being Kids in London | Ballie Ballerson

Have you ever felt the need to release your inner child? I know I have, and Ballie Ballerson is exactly the place to do that!

Located in the heart of Shoreditch on Curtain Road, Ballie Ballerson is an upcoming bar with a bit of a twist… That twist being there being an adult ball pit inside, filled with over one million balls! I had seen it advertised on Facebook, and instantly wanted to go, and when my bestie decided she would celebrate her 21st birthday there, I got so excited!

Although the whole place is fairly small, it had a big and bold atmosphere, with neon walls and disco balls. The main ball pit is in a mirrored area filled with white balls and coloured LED lights. It is a great setting for an Instagram post! Believe me! Then there is a smaller private ball pit, filled with green, red and white balls, which is located at the front of the venue and right behind the front window. Finally there is the VIP ball pit, filled with GOLD balls!

You get two hours in the ball pit, and can enter and leave as many times as you want during that time, to have a break and a drink, because it gets tiring after a while! The balls were waist deep so you have all of your strength to fight your way through them! But it is so much fun, especially when you start having ball fights! Yes it can get a but hot and sweaty, and you may lose a couple of items in the balls (keep hold of your phones! *cough* Ella *cough*), but its a lot different to a normal night out, and something that you won’t do every week, so enjoy being a child again for a couple of hours.

Its not just the ball pit that makes you feel nostalgic, the drinks menu is full of retro sweet themed cocktails! Whether it be Skittles, Dib Dabs or Refreshers, Ballie has your fave childhood sweets in cocktail form. Although the price tag isn’t as fun, but it is London, so what do you expect? On a Saturday and Sunday afternoon you can book bottomless brunch which includes two hours of unlimited prosecco and unlimited pizza! AMAZING!

Can’t wait for my next visit! What quirky bars have you visited? Let me know in the comments!

Daisy xo

(P.S. If you’re concerned about it being unhygienic, then don’t worry! They have a ball cleaner called Gobble Muffin which sanitises and cleans 18,000 balls p/hr.)

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