Harley is Two! | Pupdate

Earlier this month, Harley turned two years old! He is still as cheeky as ever, and we still love him to bits! Last pupdate, I wrote about how big he’d got, and guess what… He’s even bigger now! Not by much but still he definitely is a MEGAchon rather than a Cavachon. I think its his legs that do it, they’re just so long!

Not much has changed with his eating in the past year, as he is still as greedy as ever! He absolutely loves his food and definitely loves a treat or two! If you haven’t read my previous pupdates, then I should let you know that Harley is raw fed, meaning he only eats raw meat, and has done from a puppy. Raw feeding dogs can be a controversial topic as some people don’t agree with it, however, it has worked perfectly for us and Harley absolutely loves his food.

He still goes out on two walks everyday for about 45 minutes to an hour each time. Normally for his morning walk we take him to the park so that we can let him off the lead for a proper run around. His recall has improved massively since the last pupdate, meaning that we don’t need a whistle and treats to get him back now, he just comes when called, which is great! In the afternoon/evening we take him on a normal walk around the streets on the lead, just to get that last bit of energy out of him before he falls asleep.

As he has gotten a bit older now, he’s not a hyper, he likes to sleep a lot more now, and absolutely loves a cuddle on the sofa (yes, we gave in, he’s finally allowed on the sofa with us). However, Harley still absolutely loves to play, thats with toys, people and other dogs. He’s still such a puppy when it comes to playing as he gets so excited! He still has the occasional ‘Bichon Blitz’ where he goes a bit nutty for five minutes, but it doesn’t happen as often as it used to.

He has experienced a few new things in the past year, for example, Harley had his first experience with Kennels and staying round other peoples houses whilst we were away. We were very nervous about leaving him in someone else hands, however, we had nothing to worry about as he was perfectly fine, and actually liked being in a new environment with new people, and new dogs to play with. He’s also got a love hate relationship with the postman (as I’m sure most dogs do). He hates seeing him walk past, hates it when he posts letters through the door, but loves him when we open the door to him. Such a weird one our Harley.

Nonetheless, we still absolutely love having Harley in our lives, and could not imagine life without him!

img_0257.jpg↑ Look at that handsome boy! 

What dogs to you have or would you love to have?

Daisy & Harley 🐶 xo

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