What’s In My Bag? | Summer Edition


Working in a handbag store, I have acquired a strong love for bags over the years. I do change my bag up quite frequently, and at the moment I’m switching between my ‘Michael Kors’ Selma bag, ‘Kate Spade’ and ‘Radley’ Mini Greyfriers Gardens bag. However I do usually put the same in each bag, so I thought I’d go through my handbag essentials throughout Summer.

Mini Deodorant / Body Spray

I either have a mini deodorant or body spray in my bag on hot days, just to freshen up a bit when you get hot and sweaty. My current favourites are the ‘Sure’ Motion Sense deodorant and the ‘Impulse’ Why Not? Bodyspray – this one smells amazing and its costs less than £1!

Lip Balm

I suffer with really dry lips all year round, so I will always carry a lip balm round with me. My current favourite in the Ultrasun Lip Protection as it is very moisturising and even has SPF 30 in it to protect your lips from the sun.

Mini Suncream

Being extremely fair skinned, I’ve started to put a mini suncream in my bag if I go out for the day. Putting it on once before I go out just isn’t enough… I learnt that the hard way! I really like the Nivea roll on suncream, as its compact and you don’t really waste any when using it.


Hair Brush & Hair Band

Always got to have a Tangle Teezer to hand and a hairband to go with it! I think most girls understand the need to always have a hairbrush nearby and a hairband on their wrist, just incase of an emergency!

Bottle of Water

Mainly for me as I get really thirsty, especially during hot weather, however its also really handy to have if I have the dog with me as he can get thirsty as well.

Hand Sanitiser 

A MUST! I am constantly sanitising my hands to keep the germs away! My favourite one is the ‘Soap and Glory’ Hand Maid as it smells amazing!

Blotting Sponge

This is a bit of a weird one, I only discovered it recently, but now I don’t go out without it. The beautyblender Blotterazzi is an absorbent sponge designed to keep oily skin at bay when you’re out and about. It even comes encased in a mirrored compact, so is perfect for on the go!



I’m not going to lie I’m a bit of a sunglasses hoarder, so I usually end up with more than one pair in my bag and then even more hidden somewhere in my car. My current faves are from Accessorise. I never buy expensive sunglasses as knowing me I’d sit on them and break them.


I have two purses depending on what bag I use. I have my large Radley purse which carries everything, and then I have a small Osprey London card wallet if I only need to take a couple of cards with me.



Pretty obvious as to why I carry these.

Phone & Earphones

Always got to have a Spotify playlist ready. Especially if I’m travelling.


I’m one of those odd people who absolutely hates chewing gum, however I love the keep my breath minty fresh, so I’ve always got a pack of mints in my bag to freshen up when needed.


What are you handbag essentials?

Daisy xo

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