New Year, New Me? | Back Again!

Excuse me for a second whilst I just wipe the thick layer of dust off of this abandoned blog… AGAIN!

Well, well, well, what a year it has been. 2018 has been one of the greatest years so far, however, with everything it of course has also has had its downs. But lets not dwell on the downs for now!

Where do we start? I began 2018 celebrating the new year in sunny Spain (before shortly returning back to rainy England), but it wasn’t long before I was jetting off again. 2018 was a year where I travelled around quite a lot. From Murcia to Ibiza, to Paris, to New York, to Barcelona, and finally to Rhodes. I’m so grateful that I managed to travel to all these places and experience new and different cultures. Hopefully this year I’ll be able to travel and see even more parts of the world.

I also started my final year of university in September (where did that time go?) after finishing my second year with a 1st, which I am over the moon about!

I turned 22 (cue Taylor Swift), and celebrated with a lovely meal at a Turkish Grill with my family, and then played crazy golf at Puttshack with my lovely boyfriend.

I went to a farm during lambing season with a friend. Unfortunately I didn’t see any lambs born whilst I was there, but I did get to cuddle a couple of really cute ones.

I celebrated my friends 21st in Ibiza, and then a couple of days later, flew to Disneyland Paris with my boyfriend. Later in the year, I also went to New York and Barcelona with my boyfriend.

I saw my best friends get married on the beautiful island of Rhodes. It was one of the most incredible days, and one that I will never forget. There was lots of laughter, fun, great food and memories to be made.

I saw England make a World Cup Semi-Final, but more than that, almost saw my boyfriend cry with happiness about it.

I became obsessed with Love Island AGAIN and even went slightly viral on Twitter (well sort of). And if you know me I apologise, as it is all I went on for, for a couple of weeks!

And finally, I spent Christmas with my entire family down in Taunton, as it was such a lovely few days seeing everyone!

What a year it was! I hope that 2019, brings as much joy and happiness as 2018!

Happy New Year (even if it is a few weeks into January by time I get round to posting this)

Daisy xo

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