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Here we go again, 2019 New Year’s Resolutions…

Every year, I make a long list of New Year’s Resolutions, and I only manage to stick to about 3 of them. So this year, instead of making up a million resolutions, I thought I’d just focus on a couple, and maybe I’d actually end up sticking to them.

Go Offline

I spend so much of my time on my phone, my laptop and on social media, to the point where I don’t get anything that needs to be done, done. It’s also not the best for self-esteem, so also unfollowing and blocking certain accounts should help my mental health.


I do say this every year, and I do exercise, but not as much as I should. Having a dog means that I get out of the house walking a lot, but its not enough. I don’t like the idea of joining a gym either, so home workouts are going to be the one this year.

Worry Less

I get worried about the smallest things in life that really shouldn’t matter. I also have decided that I need to stop worrying about what people think of me, but also rather than worrying about what others are doing, focus on myself

Eat Less Meat

So far, I have not touched one piece of meat in 2019. I would love to become a full vegetarian, but I think it will be difficult for me, as I am quite a fussy eater as it is. However, cutting down on meat, and opting for the vegetarian options in restaurants will be a big step for me.

Be More Environmentally Conscious

I began doing this last year, but I want to make sure I continue it this year. This includes doing things such as, reusing bottles for water and carrier bags for shopping, walking places instead of driving, cutting down on plastic (no straws), and eating less meat.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

Daisy xo

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