Vegetarian January | Pass or Fail?

Happy February! Congratulations you survived January! Also known as, what feels like the longggggggest month of the year…

In one of my recent blog posts ‘New Years Resolutions 2019‘ I mentioned how I wanted to make an effort to east less meat! Well, I wanted to challenge myself and try and become a vegetarian for the whole of January. I know most people do ‘Veganuary’, but I think going vegan was a step too far for me at this point in time, so I’m taking baby steps in being veggie instead.

December 31st, I enjoyed a lovely piece of steak, and savoured every moment of it as I knew it would be the last piece of meat that I ate for a few weeks at least!

When I told my family and friends that I would be going vegetarian for the month, most of them looked at me in shock. Most of them betting that I would only last a couple of days maximum! And to be fair, I did doubt myself as well! What would I eat when we go out? What would I order for a takeaway on a Friday night? Scary thoughts for someone who loves a KFC and a Doner kebab!

Anyway fast forward to January 31st… Did I complete my challenge? Well, not quite, but nearly. I only ate meat twice during the month, purely because I went out to two restaurants which both only offered one vegetarian option on the menu, which quite frankly sounded disgusting.

So yes, I did fail my challenge, but I also learnt a lot during this time by cooking and eating new foods.

I cooked lots of new vegetarian recipes, such as sweet potato and chickpea curry, spinach and ricotta pasta, falafel and lots of yummy soups! I also ate many, many Quorn chicken nuggets, as they are amazing and taste even better than a normal chicken nugget! Trust me!

I also tried new foods at restaurants that I always order meat from. My favourites were the Yasai Katsu Curry from Wagamama’s and the Portobello Mushroom and Halloumi Pitta from Nando’s!

So overall, although I didn’t manage the whole month, I’m quite proud of what I managed to achieve during January. Its made me realise that I don’t need to eat meat with every meal, and there are so many different foods out there to enjoy!

Daisy xo

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