The Boyfriend Tag | Valentine’s Day

So as Valentines Day was earlier this week, I thought I’d do a blog post about my boyfriend, by introducing him to the blog world by embarrassing him with a Q&A about us. Number 1 girlfriend right here!

Part One:

  1. What is your boyfriend’s name?
    • Connor.
  2. When and where did you meet?
    • We met in sixth form in September 2013.
  3. How long have you been together?
    • Just over 4 years.
  4. Where was your first date?
    • We didn’t really have a first date. But one of the first times we went out as just the two of us was to McDonalds (classy) and I drove my car into a bush (fun).
  5. When did we meet each other’s parents?
    • We had both met each others parents before we were together.
  6. Who said ‘I Love You’ first?
    • I said Connor, he says me.
  7. Where was our first kiss?
    • At a friend’s house, after going to watch Chelsea (Up the Chels). – guess who wrote that.
  8. What is your favourite thing to do together?
    • Probably going out for food.
  9. What is your favourite TV show to watch together?
    • Used to be Great British Bake Off, but now I would say either Brooklyn Nine-Nine or Buzzfeed Unsolved (not technically a TV show, but still).
  10. Where was your first holiday together?
    • We went to Dubai with Connor’s family in 2015, and then went to Gran Canaria as just the two of us in 2017. We’ve also been to New York, Spain and Disneyland Paris together.

Part Two:

  1. He is sitting in front of the TV, what is he watching?
    • Football, F1, Basketball. Or just sport in general.
  2. What dressing does he eat on his salad?
    • BBQ sauce (but replaces the salad with chicken).
  3. Name a food he hates?
    • Salad.
  4. You go out to eat and have a drink, what would he have?
    • Carbonara and a Heineken.
  5. Favourite music artist?
    • George Ezra.
  6. What is his nickname for you?
    • Dais.
  7. What is something he would collect?
    • Football shirts, Lewis Hamilton’s hats, NBA jerseys. Or generally any sport memorabilia.
  8. What would he eat every day if he could?
    • Pasta.
  9. What is his favourite cereal?
    • Pasta. No haha, Cookie Crisp if he HAD to pick one.
  10. What would he never wear?
    • A tottenham shirt, or skinny jeans.
  11. What is his favourite sports team & player?
    • Chelsea/N’Golo Kante – Football.
    • Mercedes/Lewis Hamilton – F1.
    • New York Knicks/LeBron James – NBA.
  12. What is something you do that annoys him?
    • My indecisiveness, and that I worry way too much about nothing.
  13. What cake would you bake him for his birthday?
    • Chocolate brownies, chocolate cakes, chocolate.
  14. Most favourite thing?
    • Sport, sport and more sport.
  15. What could he spend all day doing?
    • Watching Football, F1, Basketball, or any sport really.
  16. Who usually wins our arguments?
    • ME! (Connor strongly disagrees with this).
  17. What’s his favourite video game?
    • Either FIFA or NBA 2K.
  18. He’s going to Starbucks. What will he order?
    • Either a hot chocolate or a Mango & Passionfruit cooler.
  19. He won £1,000. What would he spend it on?
    • Literally nothing major but it would somehow be gone in a week.
  20. What celebrity would he love to meet the most?
    • King James AKA LeBron James.
    • Lewis Hamilton.
    • ^ Very close between the two of them.

Thanks for reading!

Daisy & Connor xo

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