Leaving Canterbury | Final Semester at University

Well, didn’t that time fly by… I feel like it was only a couple of weeks ago I was writing a post about taking a gap year before heading off to university. And now I only have a few weeks left before my final hand in!

It sounds weird saying I’m leaving Canterbury, when I never actually lived there, but it still felt a bit like a second home, travelling up there for lectures, library sessions or just seeing friends. When I applied for Uni, I never really fancied the busyness of London, I debated for a long time between Canterbury and Brighton, as they are both such lovely towns, and no doubt even though I won’t be at Uni for much longer, I’ll still be taking frequent visits to the city.

Being in Canterbury has definitely had its ups and downs. Ups being that it is such a beautiful city, with everything that you could ask for. Downs definitely being the traffic. Canterbury traffic is a literal nightmare, whatever time of day you go, and don’t even get me started on the parking! But overall, I love Canterbury, and could definitely see myself moving here permanently in the future.

I’ve officially submitted all of my semester one assignments, and received firsts on all of them!! And now I’m in the process of completing my final two modules as well as my dissertation ahhhhh! I’m currently writing essays about influencer marketing and working alongside a charity called the Samphire Project, where we will be creating an advertising campaign for their upcoming events.

The scary thing is what happens next? Do I want to apply for a Master’s degree? Do I want to go straight into a job? Do I want to intern at a couple of different places to see what my options are? Big decisions to make with not a lot of time left!

However, there are a final few things that I want to do during my last few weeks of university…

Graduate with a First-Class Honours

This is obviously the main one that I hope to achieve! Just need to keep my head down, work hard and stop getting distracted!

Make the Most of Having Days Off Every Week

I am very aware that leaving university to go work full-time means I definitely will not have anywhere near as much free time as I do now! So, when I do have a free day, I want to make to most of it rather than sitting in and watching Netflix all day!

Save Money

As soon as I start work, it will be time to start paying back that student loan! Ahhhhh!

Work Hard

Similar to the first one, these are my final few weeks so I’m going to work as hard as I can to make it count!

Keep Writing

I love writing, whether it be blogs or just university work in general. So even when I finish uni, I want to keep up writing, as it’s one thing that I can always do.

Daisy xo

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