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There is an app for absolutely ANYTHING these days! But being a student there are certain ones I believe that are must-haves for your phone, from helping you with your degree to deciding what to eat. These are my top picks…

Student Essentials 🎓

Grammarly. This app is amazing for people like me who type quickly without precision. From essays to emails to a Facebook post, this app will let you know when you’ve spelt words wrong, missed words out, and where you need to add or take-away punctuation. Another great part of Grammarly is that there is a text-to-speech option meaning you can quickly say something and it will type it up and correct it for you!

UNiDAYS. The app where you can get discounts on hundreds of different stores, restaurants and more! Plus its free! So as long as you have student email address you can sign up. And why would you not want to save money?!

RefMe. This app is a lifesaver when it comes to writing your essays, reports and dissertations. It saves so much time when it comes to referencing! Just enter the ISPN number of a book you are citing or the DOI number of a journal you are citing, and it creates the reference for you in whatever style you need.

Foooooood! 🍔

Just Eat / Deliveroo. For when you just can’t be bothered to cook, Just Eat and Deliveroo have hundreds of different restaurants and takeaways that you can order from and get delivered straight to your door.

Wetherspoons. Every student needs the Wetherspoon app! Ordering on your phone and getting you food and drink brought straight to your table, without you having to get up. What more could you want?

Tasty. This is a great app to find new recipes for when you’re tired of having the same meals every week. You can also see calories and price guides which helps you if you’re trying to be healthy or on a budget.

Stay Organised! 🗂

TimeTree. This app is essentially a calendar app, apart from you can share it with your friends, partner or family. Me and my boyfriend share a calendar, so that we can see when each other is working (as we both work shifts) and also when we have free days together to plan things.

Stocard. This is your mobile wallet. It is a great place to store all of your loyalty cards so that you don’t have to carry around the physical ones everywhere you go. Add all your loyalty cards to the app in seconds, get your favorite offers and never miss rewards again – for free!

Yolt. This is a great app if you’re wanting to budget/save money. Yolt helps you manage your money in one place and allows you to save and track my money easier than any other app.

Take a Break 📱

Netflix. Don’t really think I need to explain this one too much! £6.99 a month to watch some great shows, documentaries and films.

1SE. I attempt every year to use this app and never manage to complete it. Essentially you film one second of your day, everyday, and then the app puts all the clips together in a montage. Its a great way to keep your memories for the year (if you remember to do it)!

Spotify. Similar to Netflix, I don’t think I need to explain this one too much! £4.99 a month (when you’re a student) for unlimited streaming of music and podcasts.

What apps do you love most?

Daisy xo

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