Harley is Three! | Pupdate

Wow, I can’t believe a year has passed since I posted Harley’s last pupdate! Harley is now three years old! It only seems like a couple of weeks ago we picked him up and brought him home!

If you’re new to the pupdates, I’ll quickly give you a bit of background information. Harley is a white and apricot Cavachon, which is a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Bichon Frise, however, both his parents are Cavachons, making him an F2 Cavachon. He was one of seven, six boys and only one girl. We have had him for nearly 3 years now, after bringing him home on Friday 3rd June 2016.

Harley isn’t your typical size Cavachon, he’s actually a MEGA-chon, meaning he’s a lot bigger than the average Cavachon, and his legs are extremely long! He hasn’t grown too much in the past year (thank god), but we love the size he is because he is lovely and cuddly.

Not much has changed with his eating in the past year, as he is still as greedy as ever! He absolutely loves his food and definitely loves a treat or two! If you haven’t read my previous pupdates, then I should let you know that Harley is raw fed, meaning he only eats raw meat and has done from a puppy. Raw feeding dogs can be a controversial topic as some people don’t agree with it, however, it has worked perfectly for us and Harley absolutely loves his food.

He goes out on two walks every day for about 30 – 45 minutes each time. Normally for his morning walk, we take him to the park so that we can let him off the lead for a proper run-around – that’s if he can be bothered! He can sometimes be a bit lazy on his walks and only walk if we keep him on the lead unless there’s another dog around then its another story!

He has quite good recall now which is something we really struggled with in the beginning, but as he’s gotten older, he seems to have become a lot more obedient! In the afternoon/evening we take him on a normal walk around the streets on the lead, just to get that last bit of energy out of him before he falls asleep.

Harley isn’t as hyper as he was when we first bought him home, he still loves to play and will bark at the top of his voice when someones at the door, but he also loves to cuddle with us on the sofa and fall asleep. He’s such a lapdog! At the beginning (as I imagine it with all dog owners) we said that he wouldn’t be allowed on the sofa or upstairs… and now he sleeps on the bed with us! But we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Earlier this year Harley had his first proper experience with snow! We were a bit nervous taking him out originally, as he hates the rain, and will avoid every puddle possible. But he absolutely LOVED the snow! He was running round in it for ages, faster than wed ever seen him run! Sadly the snow only lasted a couple of days, but at least we know for next year!

Harley has always loved to play but has never really been a ‘ball’ dog, up until recently. After dinner, we always throw his ball for him which he loves. It’s part of his routine now, so he gets aggy if we forget to do it. He has lots of doggy friends (as well as human friends) that he loves to play with. He’s also got a love-hate relationship with the postman (as I’m sure most dogs do). He hates seeing him walk past, hates it when he posts letters through the door, but loves him when we open the door to him. Such an odd one our Harley.

Nonetheless, we still absolutely love having Harley in our lives, and could not imagine life without him!

↑ Look at that gorgeous boy! 

See you next year with our next pupdate!

Daisy & Harley 🐶 xo

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