Commuting to University | Was It The Right Choice?

As some of you reading this may know, I am currently in my third year of university at Canterbury Christ Church University studying Media & Communications. (In fact, I should probably be working on my dissertation right now rather than procrastinating by writing this blog post).

I have been commuting to university for the whole three years I have been there. Yes, that’s right, I have never had the experience of staying in halls! Most people are shocked when I tell them I commute, but the truth is, it really isn’t that bad! So this blog post is for the people who are thinking about going to university but aren’t sure whether to commute or not!

The main reasons that I chose to commute are;

  1. I have a car so why not use it
  2. My lectures are only two days a week, so I didn’t need to be up there for lengthy amounts of time
  3. Uni is only a 45-minute drive away
  4. I was very anxious at the possibility of living with messy people
  5. I have a boyfriend, friends, family, and job at home, which I would miss hugely if I lived away

Commuting is great as it means I get some quality me-time twice a day I go to uni. I can sit in my car driving along, belting out Cardi B without anyone to judge me. It also allows me to forget about pending deadlines.

However, there are some cons to commuting… The main one being rush hour traffic! As I leave my house in the morning to crawl down the M2 to get to my 9 am lecture I often think about the extra 2 hours of sleep my course mates are getting whilst staying in Canterbury. But then I remember the money that I save from rent which cheers me up a lot!

Parking in Canterbury isn’t the best, but with a park and ride bus available it makes the commute much easier than driving around finding a space and paying extortionate amounts for it. A lot of people also ask me if I get FOMO from not living at uni. And the short answer is no, no I don’t. I still have friends at uni who I see, and I have my friends at home who I can go out with. I was never the kind of person who went out every week without fail anyway, so missing out on Wednesday nights out wasn’t a deal breaker for me!

So overall, I will never regret my decision on commuting to university, as for me, it was and still is the best and most logical thing to do!

Daisy xo

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