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Exam season coming up and I can imagine you are all quite stressed at the moment! I know I was when I was doing my exams. Luckily for me my university course is 100% coursework, meaning NO EXAMS! However, I know how I felt when it came to doing my GCSE’s & A-Levels, so hopefully this will help, as I did not have a clue where to start or what to do when it came to revision!

Start Your Revision Early

It is never too early to start revising and going over your notes! In fact, the earlier you start, the less likely you are to feel stressed nearer the time. I also found that going over the notes I took in class that day once I was back home really helped me out.

Make a Schedule/Have a Routine

I found making a revision schedule really helpful as it meant I knew what I was going to be revising each day, and how long to spend on each topic or subject. Not only does it guarantee that you cover everything you need to in time for the exam, but it also breaks everything down into more manageable chunks – making it much less stressful.

Summarise Your Notes

Summarise your notes from each topic, so that you can see the key points of what you need to know. However, don’t spend too much time making them look pretty, as they’re likely to go in the bin once the exam is over.

Group Revision Sessions

I found these really helpful, as it meant that you can learn things you may not have realised from the other people around you. You can also make them a bit more enjoyable as you will be with other people, rather than sitting on your own.

Find Extra Resources

Don’t just use your class notes when revising. It is helpful to look at other resources, to get more information. For example, look at revision guides, YouTube videos and online resources to help you with your revision.

No Distractions!

Make sure you turn both your phone off and the television off, so that there is nothing to distract you whilst you are revising. I found that having music on in the background whilst revising was nice, as it wasn’t too distracting and meant that the whole place wasn’t silent. It is also beneficial to sit at a proper desk when revising rather than in your bed.

Take Short Breaks

Take a short break every hour or so when revising, so that you don’t feel like you’re cramming too much information in at once.

Practice/Past Papers

Past papers are always a great idea. Lots of exam boards have copies of past papers and their mark schemes so you can test yourself to check how you are getting on. It also gives you practice with the format of the questions you might be asked.

Food, Drink, Sleep

Keep hydrated, eat lots of (healthy) snacks, and make sure to get a good nights sleep every night during your revision period. This will help you to be and feel your absolute best whilst getting the work done. Make sure you feel motivated!


My favourite tip of all. Make sure to give yourself a well deserved day off every once in a while! You don’t want to over do it and completely stress yourself out over these exams.

What are your best revision tips?

Daisy xo

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