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Hellooooo, a few weeks ago I took a trip to the beautiful city of Valencia! 6 of us went for a few days to celebrate finishing university, and we had the best time! We stayed in an Airbnb just a short walk away from the city centre. We were very lucky as one of my friends, Olivia, had lived in Valencia previously, so knew all of the good places to go!

Valencia is such a beautiful city on the southeastern coast of Spain. I found it to be a little like Barcelona with the city vibe, but also only a short trip to the coast for a more relaxed vibe.

Day One

Our first day consisted of traveling. We flew from Stansted to Valencia and then got the metro to the city center and walked down to our Airbnb. Once settled in and unpacked, we ventured out to find something to eat. And of course, when in Spain, the only way to go is to have some authentic Valencian tapas paired with some Tinto de Verano!

Day Two

Once we got up we took a walk into town and picked up a couple of bits from the supermarket, before heading back to the apartment and waiting for the rest of the group to arrive. Our first stop was then to visit the Torres de Serranos which is one of the twelve gates that formed part of the ancient city wall of Valencia. From the top of the building, you can enjoy an amazing view of the city, however, it was closed when we arrived, so instead, we took some nice pictures outside of it!

Top – Primark / Trousers – Primark / Sunglasses – Accessorise

After this, we walked along and found a cute little place called Convent Carmen where we could get drinks, food, and chill outside listening to a bit of music.

In the evening we headed to the Valencia Cathedral and the Plaza de la Virgen which is a square home to the Turia Fountain. Around the square is entertainment as well as historic buildings, outdoor cafes and authentic tapas bars. We found a really cute tapas bar, where we ate lots of lovely food, but showed our true childishness when we were laughing about the lack of chicken nuggets on the set menu!

Dress – Quiz / Jacket – New Look / Bag – Radley

After dinner, we headed for dessert in a place called Creperie Bretonne, which served the most amazing crepes! – Literally a chocolate overload, but worth it!. Then after that, we headed to a bar for a few drinks at Radio City (although it wasn’t the liveliest being a Sunday night after all), before heading back to the apartment.

Day Three

We started our day by going to Dulce de Leche which is a really cute boutique cafe. It did the most amazing food, both sweet and savory. I had a brie and parma ham panini with a side of oreo cheesecake. Both were absolutely delicious – however the cheesecake was extremely sickly, but I definitely still managed to eat it! I would 100% recommend this place if you are ever in Valencia!

Our next stop was Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias (City of Arts & Sciences) which is is an entertainment-based cultural and architectural complex. The gardens here were so beautiful and made for great Instagram pics – as you can see below! The architecture was equally incredible! Unfortunately, we couldn’t go inside as they were filming for a TV show at the time! It started to become a bit of a trend of places being closed that we wanted to visit, but we just laughed it off and moved onto the next place.

Dress – Primark / Sunglasses – Accessorize

After we got all of our photos for Instagram, we took a taxi to the beach. One of the reasons that I loved Valencia is that there are two parts to it. You’ve got the busy city side and then the relaxing beach side and they’re only a short taxi ride away from each other. We found a nice beach bar and then sat in the sun relaxing for a bit with a couple of drinks and some nibbles.

Later that day we headed back to towers to see if we could go up them this time. Luckily we got there before it closed and managed to climb all the stairs right to the top – and it was definitely worth it, as the view you got up there were amazing! We went on such a sunny day too which means that you could see out for miles. This is definitely not for the faint-hearted though, as it is very high, especially when you start looking over the edge!

After walking up hundreds of stairs, we were all a bit tired, so we decided to hire some electric scooters and whizz around the rest park and city which turned out to be so much fun! I would definitely recommend doing this to anyone! You get to speed around the city for only €10 for an hour, and we had so much fun – it was such a laugh!

Day Four

After packing up all of our things and leaving the apartment, we headed to La Rollerie for brunch. Again another amazing place for breakfast/lunch! The interior was very similar to The Ivy and the food was delicious. I went quite boring with a cheese toastie, however, the other girls had some tasty pastries and pancakes! This was the place where I discovered that Spanish hot chocolate is not the same as English hot chocolate – and by that I mean you will literally get a cup of melted chocolate! I had to put A LOT of milk in it for it to become drinkable!

We then headed to the market which had so many stalls selling fresh meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, olives, cheese, spices, coffees, fresh pastries and bread, wines – literally anything you can think of. There is such a wonderful atmosphere there, and the building itself is really stunning too!

After the market, we did a bit of shopping and then went for a couple of drinks. At this point, we were all completely knackered from the weekend and just needed to sit down and relax for a bit, so we found a nice bar by Valencia City Hall and watch the world go by, as well as a mime who just didn’t want to leave! Sadly the fountain was having repair works done to it, so we didn’t get to see it in full effect.

For our last meal we headed for a place called Goiko Grill (we were all tapased out) which served the most amazing burgers that I have ever tasted – well chicken burger for me, as I’m not a huge fan of beef. However, the other girls who ate the beef burgers said it was delightful, so I would definitely recommend it! Whilst in here, the heavens opened, and it poured down! The first bit of rain the whole time we were there. Annoyingly we were heading back to the airport after this, so trying to get a taxi when the rain is pouring was not fun. However, we eventually got one and headed back to the airport to go back home.

Overall, I really enjoyed Valencia, and definitely, want to go back one day in the future! Big thanks to Olivia, for suggesting for us to visit! I’ve recommended it to everyone I know!

I also made a YouTube video of our trip which you can check out here!

Daisy xo

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