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Hello! I was a bit quiet over on the blog for a couple of weeks, however, it was for good reason as I have recently started a new job in digital marketing in London. I’ve been there for a couple of months now and I’m absolutely loving it! However, because I’m not living in London, it means that I’m officially now a London commuter! I don’t actually find the commute too bad, as I get on the train at 10 past 8 and I’m sat at my desk by 10 to 9. What I didn’t realise before starting work is how expensive the commute would be! A big chunk of my paycheque actually goes on the train! I could do it cheaper however, it would take me more than twice as long, and at this point in my life, time is much more important to me than money (also sleep is very important – I believe I’d be a lot grumpier throughout the day if my alarm went off before 6 am).


Throughout my short time commuting, I’ve put together a list of everything I feel is necessary to take with me on the train that will make my commuting life so much easier in the long run…

Work Bag

First of all, you will need a large bag, to carry everything obviously! It’s also handy to have a large bag even if you don’t take too much stuff, as you never know if you may have to one day bring home a laptop or large folder. My current bag I’m using is the Radley Wood Street Tote, as it big enough to fit all of my things, soft and light enough so that it doesn’t cause me any pain when carrying it, and also a lovely blue colour which I love, as a black bag is just boring! However, I am thinking of changing to a backpack, just because it is easier to carry and I’ll have both of my hands-frees. They are also good if you have got a heavier back as it distributes the weight of it more evenly, meaning you’re less likely to get any neck and shoulder pain.


Although I am lucky enough to get lifts both to and from the station, there is nothing worse than getting home after work and realising you’ve forgotten your keys, and there is no one else home to let you in. So every morning I make sure that I’ve got my keys at the bottom of my bag.


I feel like this is a bit of an obvious one. My phone is what keeps me occupied on the train. I have many different podcasts downloaded that I can listen to – my favourite ones are the moment are ‘Sh**ged Married Annoyed‘ with Chris and Rosie Ramsey (warning this one may actually make you laugh out loud – so be wary when listening to it on the train), ‘VIEWS‘ with David Dobrik and Jason Nash, and ‘The Girls Bathroom‘ with Sophia and Cinzia. I’ve also got a couple of different playlists downloaded for if I just feel like listening to a bit of music.

Portable Charger

Going along with a phone, a portable charger is always a good idea to keep with you, as it’s always when you need your phone the most that it is on 1% battery, and if you’re in an emergency and need your phone, you know that you’ll always have that back up charger just in case.


Very handy to block out all external noise, and make it clear to other people on the train that you do not want to engage in any kind of conversation. I use my Beats Solo 3’s as they are comfy and don’t hurt my ears if I have them on for long periods of time. I also don’t trust myself with Airpods as I know I’ll end up losing one.

Card Wallet

I have one of these as well as a purse. Having a card wallet just means that you can keep your most-used cards such as your train ticket and debit card separate from your purse so that they are easier to access. I have a lovely one for Osprey London which my boyfriend bought me one year for Christmas. It is handy if you could get one with RFID blocking so that you know you are safe from your cards being scanned.

Water Bottle

You should keep one of these for a couple of reasons, the first one being that trains, tubes, and buses can get extremely hot, especially in summer, so it’s always good to have some water to keep you hydrated. The second one is if like me you randomly break out into a coughing fit on a silent train. If you don’t have water with you at that point, it feels like you will never stop coughing and everyone on the train will start staring and tutting at you. Also, #ReducePlasticUse!

Hand Fan

As I’ve said above it can get very hot on tubes and trains, particularly in summer, so it’s always good to carry a small hand fan with you to keep you cool, especially if you’re on a long journey.


If you don’t carry a fan with you then you might end up getting slightly sweaty, so carry a small roll-on deodorant that you can quickly put on once you’ve got off of the train so that you smell a little bit nicer and less sweaty.


I always get hungry on the train, so I like to carry a small snack with me like a chocolate bar or a piece of fruit if I’m feeling healthy, however 9 times out of 10 it will be the chocolate bar.

Sunglasses & Umbrella

You can never predict what the Great British weather will be like, Alexa may tell you that it is going to rain, however, when you get off the train, you could come out to the brightest sun you’ve ever seen, or Alexa may tell you there is a 0% chance of rain, and you get off the train and it is monsoon weather. So be prepared for all weathers and carry sunglasses and an umbrella with you at all times.


I cannot stress this enough, especially within the hayfever season. You DO NOT want to be that person on the train with the running nose, constantly sniffing. Also, you do not want to be this person that I had the pleasure of making eye-contact with the other day.

Antibacterial Hand Gel

I carry this with me everywhere, but particularly on trains and tubes, as you don’t know where people have been, what they’ve touched and what germs they have!


I hope this helps you if, like me, you’re a new city commuter too! It’s definitely made my life easier in a morning now I have this written down. What are your must-haves for your commute?

Daisy xo

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