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After 5 years Connor and I have finally ticked going on a cute pumpkin picking date off of our bucket list! I’ve wanted to do this for years but never got round to doing it. After looking at the weather earlier in the week, and it saying that the sun would be shining (although who can trust that), we decided we’d head down to Beluncle Farm in Kent to pick our own pumpkins!

Amazingly the sun was actually shining during that last weekend of October, and it wasn’t too cold, so we put on our boots and jumpers and drove down to the farm! However, although the sun was shining today, yesterday it absolutely poured down, which meant that the fields we’re extremely muddy. When we arrived we actually managed to get the car stuck in the mud and have some of the staff help push us out and into a less muddy parking space… Let’s just say my white car isn’t exactly white anymore.

After getting out of the mud, we grabbed a wheelbarrow and headed down to the field to pick our pumpkins. I was a bit worried originally that there wouldn’t be many left to choose from, especially as it was the last weekend before Halloween and it has been half term all week. But boy was I wrong! There were absolutely thousands of pumpkins, squash, and other vegetables to choose from. From the tiniest pumpkins to some of the biggest I’ve ever seen, there were just seas of orange!

Surprisingly the place wasn’t too overcrowded, so we weren’t fighting our way through people to get the best pumpkins. We even took some time for a couple of Instagram photos (obviously). With pumpkins stretching for miles, we took our time to find the best ones that we could, swapping them in and out of the wheelbarrow – much more fun than getting them from Sainsbury’s. Once you’ve found your perfect pumpkins, you head back up to the tents to pay. We paid £11 for three large pumpkins and one small/medium size one, which I didn’t think was too bad. Now just to carve them!

It’s free to go and you don’t have to book, you just have to pay for your pumpkins. They also have a little snack shop selling cold drinks, chocolate, sweets and crisps, a trailer selling hot drink & food and even an ice-cream van (although it was a little too chilly for that). I would definitely recommend wearing wellington boots and gloves as it can get very muddy – especially if it rains!

Here are a couple of pictures from our day out!




What are your favourite Halloween activities?

Daisy xo

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