The Ultimate Festive Playlist | The Monthly Playlist (Christmas Edition)

One of my favourite parts of Christmas is the music! However, I always feel as though I’m waiting for agesssss to start playing my Christmas music! So as soon as December 1st hits, it’s 24/7 Christmas music for me! From Mariah Carey to Michael BublĆ©, from classics like ‘Fairytale of New York’ by The Pogues to newbies like ‘One More Sleep’ by Leona Lewis, they all get played, and I love them all!

A couple of months ago I posted my Summer playlist, and at the time imagined that it would be something I’d do on my blog every month… Well, you can see how that went! So anyway, what better time to pick it up again than Christmas! Every year without fail I make a Christmas playlist which includes classics and new songs, which are are the joyful songs of the season. The songs I choose for the playlist are also all as positive a possible, as I mainly listen to it to and from my journey to work, so I try and perk myself up as much as possible.

I have a feeling that this may be my most played playlist of the year (even though I’ll only have it for a month!)




Thanks for reading! Let me know your favourite Christmas songs!

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Daisy xo

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