Beating the Winter Blues | Wintertime

It’s cold, it’s miserable outside, and it always seems to be dark! Winter days just make us all feel tired and unmotivated with little to no energy. Although not all of us will suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) – yes that is a real thing – most of us always end up feeling a little worse for wear during the winter months.

The clocks are due to go forward in a matter of weeks (hallelujah!), but knowing the typical British weather, it’s still likely to be cold and miserable outside, meaning that we won’t be feeling our perky selves for a little while longer. It’s likely we’ll all still be drowning in cups of coffee, eating carbs excessively and constantly snacking on biscuits and chocolate to get us through the day. However, if like me you are done with winter, keep reading on tips on how I keep my mood up during this gloomy period!




Keep Cosy and Warm

Probably the most obvious one of all of these, sometimes to cheer yourself up, all you need to do is stick your pyjamas on, wrap up in a blanket and sip on a lovely hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows. If you do happen to go out, then make sure to wear layers, a big coat, boots, a hat, scarf, and gloves, because no one likes feeling cold.


Do Some Exercise

This may feel like the last thing you want to do, but exercise makes you feel so much better. As they say, it may seem daunting, but no-one regrets doing a workout! Doing simple things like walking places rather than driving or getting public transport can really help – and it will save you money too!


Go Outdoors (But Wrap Up Warm)

Yes, it’s cold, but if you wrap up warm enough it’s not too bad! Going for a walk in the park when it’s crisp out is actually really relaxing. It’s great to go for a wander and clear your mind or even catch up on your favourite podcast or new album release.


Have Night’s In With Friends

Cold winter evenings are the perfect time to catch up with your friends. Invite your friends round, order some food, have some drinks (wine or hot chocolate – whichever takes your fancy) and catch up on everything! You could even stick a film and get some blankets out for the perfect cosy night in.


Eat a Bit Healthier

Okay, even I find this one hard to do, as there’s nothing I want more in the cold weather than ordering a takeaway and eating all of the chocolate that I possibly can. However, this also makes me feel really crappy, so by trying to eat healthy six days of the week and then having one unhealthy day has actually made me feel a lot better. And I know I’ll be thanking myself when summer finally arrives.


Pamper Yourself

Winter is the perfect time to treat yourself! Run yourself a bath with that bath bomb you got for Christmas and have been saving, put on a face mask and grab your favourite book, and just take some time to relax. It’s amazing what a bit of relaxation can do for you!


What do you do this time of year to give yourself that much-needed energy boost?

Daisy xo

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