Farewell 2020 (& Farewell Daisy Mac xo)


Excuse me whilst I quickly blow the dust off of this blog. Well, what a year it has been. As some of you may have noticed, I’ve been a bit quiet on here recently, I say quiet, it’s been radio silence since 26th March 2020, a few days after we went into our first lockdown. The reason I’ve been so quiet, well, it’s quite simple really, I became uninspired and very unmotivated.

Like most people, I started working from home at the start of the pandemic, which meant I got out of bed, sat at my laptop working, closed my laptop, scrolled through TikTok, then got back into bed, and to be quite honest, I couldn’t have thought of anything worse than reopening another laptop and writing a blog post. (Side note: I absolutely love my job and I am so grateful to have been able to have held on to it during such difficult times.). As well as this, like everyone, I wasn’t doing anything or going anywhere, so I didn’t have anything I wanted to write about. I also didn’t want to force myself to be doing extra during a time which was already twice as difficult and stressful.

In the summer when things slowly started to get back to normal (or so it seemed) I took a look at my blog and started planning future posts. I even created a colour coded excel spreadsheet for them (seriously). After taking a second look at it, I realised that the things I was passionate about 4 years ago when I started this blog, I’m just not as passionate about now. I’ve grown up a lot in 4 years; I finished school, went to university, graduated, and had 2 different full-time jobs since I started this. As much as I love and adore this blog, I just don’t think it represents who I am anymore. This is not to say that I’m closing this blog completely, but I’m saying goodbye to an era that I once loved. Who knows, in the future, I may revamp this blog again to something completely different. So it’s not a goodbye, just a farewell for now.

You’re probably wondering if why I decided to write this blog post if I’d already decided not to write any more. Well, after 4 years of blogging, it didn’t seem right to just leave it as it was. The main reason I started this blog was for myself to look back on and reflect on the fun things I’d done, give advice, and just keep my writing hobby alive. So I thought I’d finish as I started and reflect on the year we have had. So here we go…….

January: It was a pretty standard start to the year, cold, miserable and overweight from all of the Christmas and New Year celebrations. And to be quite honest, not a lot happened.

February: The month before everything got turned upside down. Things we’re pretty normal in February, I was working, going out for meals and drinks, I even went to a concert! However, the most exciting thing to have happened during February was that I managed to get a selfie with a Jonas Brother (Joe Jonas to be exact), a childhood dream of mine.

March: Before Boris locked us all down, my boyfriend Connor and I managed to have a short break away to New York which was amazing. We’d both been before but never just the two of us. We had so much fun and managed to see all the sights. It also wasn’t as cold as we expected which was a huge bonus. However, the best part was that we got to spend some quality time together before having to spend weeks and weeks apart.

April: During this month I really got into exercise and eating healthy. I was doing Joe Wicks workouts every morning and even started going for runs (who even was I?). Safe to say that didn’t last the entire year, due to injury, but I am hoping to pick it back up again soon. I also dyed my hair pink and took up rollerskating during April (maybe lockdown was making me go a bit crazy!). One of the biggest things I started during this time, was my virtual quiz nights. I hosted bi-weekly quiz nights for my friends and family during lockdown. They were a lot of fun and became the highlight of my week.

Quiz Night Number 4

May: One of the most heart-aching experiences of my life happened in May, and I start to tear up every time I think about it. On VE Day we had a socially-distant street party, but unbeknown to us, Harley (my dog) ate something which got blocked in his colon. It was the day after when he fell very ill so we rushed him to the emergency vets. 24 hours after we dropped him off we were told that they couldn’t remove the blockage, so they were going to have to operate. This can be very dangerous for dogs so we had to prepare for the worst. Thankfully he was okay and we could finally bring him back home. It was the most stressful and emotionally draining time but I’m so thankful to the vets and grateful every day to see his wagging tail.

June: Apart from the social distancing and not being able to go out anywhere, June was a pretty normal month for lockdown. We started to get used to not going anywhere and enjoying going for walks and picnics. During June we also celebrated my Dad and Connor’s birthdays.

July: When things actually started to get a little normal again (or so we thought). We were able to go out again!! To bars, restaurants and more! I started to see friends and family again and just started to feel a lot happier. I also sold my car this month, after realising that I don’t actually need my own car, and how much of a waste of money it was.

August: Eat out to help out! Much like most of the country, I took full advantage of the eat out to help out scheme which ended up putting a bit of a dent in my bank account.

September: During September, things we’re still pretty normal. I have a September birthday which meant I was able to celebrate it. I saw friends, went up to London, went for dinner, and basically did everything that we couldn’t do for months. The sun was also shining throughout September which made it one of my happiest months this year.

October: I went on holiday! A glamping trip in the UK with the girls was just what we all needed. Zero electric, just a tent, hot tub, bubbles and no stress. It was so much fun getting away for a couple of nights and just spending the whole time laughing, eating, drinking and wearing colourful wigs round Tesco. Connor and I also celebrated our 6 year anniversary this month. We went up to London and had a lovely steak dinner, it was delightful.

November: As rates started to rise again, we slowly went back inside. To be honest, not a lot happened in November apart from online Christmas shopping, zoom calls and decorating for Christmas.

December: Tier 4! Tier 4! Tier 4! Living in Kent, meant we went back into basically another lockdown. Christmas was cancelled. Although it was a strange one and we couldn’t do any of the normal traditions we usually do, I’m grateful that I was able to spend it with my small family, and that we’re all happy and healthy. And after everything that’s happened this year happiness and health are the main things that matter.

Like every year, back at the start of 2020, I wrote a post of everything I wanted to get better at/achieve during 2020. These were; be more sustainable ✅, be better at saving money ✅, be better at skincare ✅ and be online less ❌.  3 out of 4 isn’t too bad I don’t think. However, I’m actually not setting myself any goals for 2021, as if 2020 has taught me anything it’s things won’t always go as planned, so try to enjoy every moment you have and don’t take any day, anything or anyone for granted.

So, before I log out and celebrate a new year, I have just one final message to anyone who has ever read, shared or supported my blog, and that is thank you. Thank you for supporting me and making me feel like it was worth my time writing them, thank you for being interested, thank you for getting noticed by brands and even getting paid to write, and thank you for just being so kind, always.

But for now, farewell and I hope your 2021 is filled with happiness and positivity.

Daisy xo


P.S. If you’re still interested in my life and what I’m up to, you can find me here:

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